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Maintenance Repair and Overhaul

Overview of Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO)

Incheon Airport has a foundation for infinite growth through the world-best MRO infrastructure, abundant expertise, and various incentives.

  • International Flights:400,000 flights
  • Number of Passengers:Number 5 in the world
  • Volume of International Cargo :Number 2 in the world
Number of passengers
Airport Throughput Units (ATU)
Global No.1
MRO Cluster

Incheon Airport is taking the initiative to expand the MRO business for the timely establishment of the 1,200,000㎡ MRO site as a part of the four-stage construction project and other development activities including the recruitment of investors. It also continuously strives to lower the barrier for investments by additionally designating the MRO cluster as a free trade zone.

MRO Cluster 1,643,913m2 부지 안내이미지
  • 시장 관련사진Blue ocean with a scale of USD 2.2 billion
  • 시설 관련사진Establishing professional facilities and sites for MRO business
  • 인력 관련사진Supplying MRO professionals with rich technical skills
  • 인센티브 관련사진Exceptional incentives according to investment conditions
Professional MRO Manpower

The salary level of Korean MRO personnel is reasonable, between those of Japan and China, and an abundance of competent MRO professionals is available thanks to the development of a quality labor force in MRO.

Comparison of MRO Person-to-Hour of Korea, China, and Japan
중국 ~45$ Ameco,Gameco / 대한민국 Korean Air,Asiana Airline,Sharp Technics K / 일본 75~95$ JAL,ANA
Government's Five-year Plan
정부 5개년 정비사 수 계획 표-2018,2019,2020,2021,2022
2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Trained mechanics 741 586 804 927 1,002
Provision of Incentives

In order to foster the MRO industry, incentives in government taxes and subsidies are offered, striving to lower investment barriers for foreign companies.

세금감면-관세 지방세 안내 표
Tax Reduction and Exemption
Customs Duty Imported Capital Goods 100% exemption for 5 years
Local Tax Acquisition Tax 100% exemption for 15 years
Property Tax 100% exemption for 10 years
50% exemption for 3 years
보조금 지원(외국인 투자비율 30% 이상인 기업)-고용 보조금, 교육 및 훈련 보조금 안내 표
Subsidy Assistance (companies whose percentages of foreign investments are over 30%)
Employment Subsidies KRW 500,000 per person for the excess of 20 newly hired employees (up to 6 months) (applicable when establishing new foreign investment companies)
Education and Training Subsidies KRW 500,000 KRW per person for 6 months (applicable when newly hiring over 20 Koreans)
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  • Managing department : Aviation Facilities Development Team
  • Telephone : +82-32-741-2261, 2262