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About Us

Visiting us

Visiting us

Street Address Incheon Jung-gu Gonghang-ro 424 beon-gil 47
Mailing Address Incheon Jung-gu Unseo-dong 2850 Incheon International Airport Government Complex
Telephone 1577-2600
Fax 032)741-2450

1km before entering the Incheon International Airport Passenger Terminal, enter the road in the direction of the Incheon International Airport Corporation and you will reach the destination is in 500m.

Using public transportation

There is a free shuttle from Passenger Terminal Floor 3 to Airport Office Building.

  1. 1 Get on the free shuttle from the stops (see picture) in front of Exit 3 (East)·12(West) on Passenger Terminal Floor 3.

    Free shuttle departure time: First bus 04:30 , last bus 00:30, operation interval 12 min.

  2. 2 Get off at the International Business Complex stop(Incheon International Airport Corporation Office Building).
  3. 3 Cross the road at the walkway and you will see the office building directly in front of you.
  4. 4 When returning to the Passenger Terminal, taking the shuttle from the opposite direction of where you got off.
셔틀버스 이미지 Shuttle bus
셔틀버스 동측 승하차장 이미지 Shuttle bus stop location
셔틀버스 서측 승하차장 이미지
Map of Bus Route
How to get to Government Agency Building 2 of Incheon International Airport
인천국제공항공사 연락처 안내 표
Road name address 444, Je2terminal-daero, Jung-gu, Incheon (Unseo-dong, Government Agency Building 2)
Land lot number address 2868, Unseo-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon,
Phone 1577-2600
Fax 032)741-2450
By car

Enter the road in the direction of Government Agency Building 2 of Incheon International Airport (before entering Terminal 2 of Incheon Airport).

By public transportation

For those taking public transportation, such as Airport Railroad Express (AREX) and bus, you can come via the Transportation Center–Terminal 2 passage.

Visiting the Incheon International Airport Talent Recruit Center

Talent Recruit Center is located northwest of the Passenger Terminal, so please check the Talent Recruit Center website for directions.

Talent Recruit Center website
Direct any questions regarding information on the website to:
  • Managing department : Transportation Operation Team
  • Telephone : +082-32-741-2422, 2376