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Incheon airport guide

Terminal 1
인천공항 한 눈에 보기 제1여객터미널 안내도 – 장기주차장, 단기주차장, 출국장, 면세구역으로 이루어져 있으며 탑승동까지 IAT 5분 소요됩니다.
인천공항 한 눈에 보기 제1여객터미널 안내표 : 제1교통센터, 제1여객터미널로 구성
제1교통센터 제1여객터미널
일반구역 면세구역 탑승동
4F 전문식당가 라운지, 환승호텔, 환승편의시설, 면세품인도장, 푸드코트 항공사 라운지
3F 환전소, 부가세환급, 로밍, 보험, 택배, 편의점, 서점, 약국, 택시, 인천 시내버스

출발층(출국장) 탑승1-50 Gate

면세점, 환전소, 부가세환급, 로밍, 보험, 약국 탑승101-132 Gate
2F 항공사 사무실
1F 캡슐호텔 리무진버스, 로밍, 환전소, 포켓와이파이, 렌터카


B1 철도대합실, 단기주차장, 환전소, 푸드코트, 편의점 전문식당가, 환전소
Terminal 2
인천공항 한 눈에 보기 제2여객터미널 안내도 – 장기주차장, 단기주차장, 출국장, 면세구역으로 이루어져 있습니다.
인천공항 한 눈에 보기 제2여객터미널 안내표 : 제2교통센터, 제2여객터미널로 구성
제2교통센터 제2여객터미널
일반구역 면세구역
5F 인천공항 홍보전망대
4F 전문식당가, 항공사 사무실 라운지, 환승호텔, 환승편의시설, 면세품인도장, 푸드코트, 편의점
3F 환전소, 부가세환급, 로밍, 보험, 택배, 편의점, 서점, 약국

출발층(출국장)탑승230-270 Gate

면세점, 환전소, 부가세환급, 로밍, 보험, 서점, 약국
2F 정부종합행정센터, 상주기관 사무실
1F 택시, 인천시내버스, 환전소, 로밍, 포켓와이파이, 편의점, 꽃집


면세점, 환전소
B1 버스터미널, 철도대합실, 단기주차장, 렌터카, 푸드코트, 편의점, 캡슐호텔 전문식당가, 환전소, 약국, 헬스앤뷰티

Moving between terminals Method

You can use the free shuttle bus to get to the terminal quickly.

※ You may utilize the Airport Railroad to transfer between Terminals. (Time: 6 min, Fee: 900 KRW)

제1여객터미널에서 제2여객터미널 가는 방법
제1여객터미널승차장은 3층 중앙 8번 출구이며 배차간격은 약 10분, 운행시간은 05시~23시입니다. 제2여객터미널까지의 이동거리는 15km이고, 이동시간은 약 15분소요됩니다.
제2여객터미널에서 제1여객터미널 가는 방법
제2여객터미널승차장은 3층 중앙 4,5번 출구 사이이며 배차간격은 약 10분, 운행시간은 05시~23시입니다. 제1여객터미널까지의 이동거리는 18km이고, 이동시간은 약 18분소요됩니다.
제1여객터미널과 제2여객터미널에서 탑승동으로 가는 방법
제1여객터미널과 제2여객터미널의 셔틀트레인을 타고 탑승동으로 이동합니다.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Search inquiries

There are several different ways to travel from Incheon International Airport to Gimpo airport.
The most popular ways include taking the Airport Railroad Train (AREX), airport limousine buses, and taxis.
The train and bus lines offer the nonstop ride from Incheon International Airport Station to Gimpo airport in 30-40 minutes.
Please refer to the following menu on our website.
: Home>To&From Airport>Public Transportation

Visit the Info Desk (11 locations) for various information from airlines and flights to immigration procedures, in-airport facilities, and commercial businesses.

* Customer complaints
* Rentals: strollers and wheelchairs

○ Info Desk (11 locations)
- [Terminal 1] 3F Departures (Public Area): 1 in front of Exit 8
- [Terminal 1] 3F Departures (Duty-Free Zone): 2 in front of Antler East & West
- [Terminal 1] 1F Arrivals (Public Area): 2 in front of Exit 5 & 10
- [Concourse] 3F (Duty-Free Zone): 1 in front of central area
- [Terminal 2] 3F Departures (Public Area): 2 in front of Exit 2 & 7
- [Terminal 2] 3F Departures (Duty-Free Zone): 1 near Gate 1
- [Terminal 2] 1F Arrivals (Public Area): 2 in front of Exit 2 & 5

○ Korean Airlines
▷ Busan Flight (1 flight)
- Incheon → Busan: Daily departure at 8pm and arrival at 9pm
- Busan → Incheon: Daily departure at 7am and arrival at 8pm
▷ Jeju Flight: None
○ Asiana Airlines
▷ Busan Flight (1 flight)
- Incheon → Busan: Daily departure at 8 pm and arrival at 9pm
- Busan → Incheon: Daily departure at 7am and arrival at 8pm
▷ Jeju Flight
- Incheon → Jeju: (Thurs, Sun) Departure at 4:20pm and arrival at 5:20pm
- Jeju → Incheon: (Mon, Fri) Departure at 11:30am
Mainly Sharp objects (eg. fingernail clippers with knives, Swiss-army knives, scissors, stationary knives, etc) are all prohibited from carrying into the cabin, so please place it in the checked baggage at the check-in counter.
In addition, the above mentioned items should be placed in a case and made easy for X-ray inspection. If this is not done so, you may be called to witness inspectors opening your bag and searching it.
Butane gas, aerosol, pesticides, spray paints, etc. cannot be placed in the plane at all. For details, please refer to the restricted items' list.
Lighter on cabin restriction ordinance (Apr 14, 2005~)
Passengers destined for the US may not carry on or check-in lighters.
※ Cooperation requested by the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Passengers not destined to the US may carry on 1 lighter per person, but may not send as checked luggage.
※ US Territories: Including the US, Guam, Saipan, Western Samoa, Virgin Islands, etc.
○ Hours of Operation : 07:00~22:00 (no admittances past 21:30)
○ lounge located in east wing opens 24hrs
○ Services : Mini buffet, snacks, beverages, liquor, free internet, Wi-Fi, print services, fax, newspaper, magazine, TV
○ Rate : USD39 (Discount card may be used)
○ Locations : Nearby Korean Air (east wing) and Asiana Airline (west wing) lounges; past the cafeteria in the Transfer Service Complex, Passenger Terminal, 4th floor.
○ Contacts : +82-32-743-4814(East wing),
+82-32-743-4811(West wing)
○ Check the website for credit cards that offer discounts or free admission.
All travelers bringing cats or dogs to the Republic of Korea must adhere to the following procedure.
Please follow the link below.

Information on Airline Policies on Damaged Luggage

<In case of damaged bag>

The best way is to report to the lost baggage desk behind the baggage claim area right after you find your luggage at the damaged state at your destination. When you show the airline staff your luggage and when the report is registered, it will be handled by your airline.


Kindly note that damaged luggage are categorized as liability the airlines. Checked-in luggage receive a serial number from the airline, and are moved to the ground through the airport’s conveyor belt, and then is carried to a vehicle, and then is carried from the vehicle to the aircraft. The carrying process is handled by the airline and ground-handler, and this is where the damage risk lies. Therefore, we ask for your understanding that damaged bags are the liability of airlines and you may receive compensation in line with individual airline policies.


However, if you cannot register the damage in person because you are off-airport already you cannot show the bag to staff, please contact your airline for questions on registration and ways to proceed.

KOREAN AIR : (82) 032-742-5193

ASIANA AIRLINES : (82) 1588-8000

Foreign airlines (baggage serviced with KOREA AIR) : (82) 032-742-5124

(MIAT, UZBEKISTAN airways, Philippine Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, CHINA SOUTHERN AIRLINES, Garuda Indonesia, CHINA AIRLINES, MANDARIN AIRLINES, air astana, XIAMEN AIRLINES, Aircalin, HK express, Shenzhen Airlines, Russian Airlines, Armavia, AIRFRANCE, KLM, Vietnam Airlines, AIR CHINA)


ASIANA AIRLINES (baggage serviced with ASIANA AIRLINES) : 032-744-22101

(CHINA EASTERN, SHANGHAI AIRLINES, Thai Airways, Air Macao, SAT Airlines, Eva Air, UNI Air, Qatar Airways, Business Air, Shandong Airlines, AIR CANADA, SINGAPORE AIRLINES, Vladivostok Air, ETIHAD AIRWAYS, Sichuan Airlines, AIR INDIA, AIR BISHKEK)


For airlines not listed here, you please see at Incheon Airport homepage > Search flights > Departure > Information.


<For Lost Bags >

As we have mentioned, all luggage information is managed by individual airlines and not Incheon Airport Corporation, and compensation policies vary according to airline, so it is difficult for the airport corporation to assist in tracking the lost luggage and find its location. Please contact your airline directly regarding this matter.


For items that have departed from Incheon Airportit and lost at the destination, it is very rare that such luggage comes back to Incheon Airport. For such items, please contact the destination airport.


We transport your checked-in luggage through automated facility that is set up to operate swiftly and precisely, and will always do our best with airlines and ground-handlers for careful handling of your luggage.


Airlines only bear liability for compensation when loss regarding luggage occurred due to the company’s negligence or willful misconduct in the process of transporting, storing and managing luggage. The grounds for compensation follow the Warsaw Convention. Therefore, the maximum compensation amount for lost or damaged bags are 20 USD

Customs procedures for departure. What items must be declared?
High-priced items which are to be carried into upon arrival must be reported to the customs upon departure.
However, the items which are carried in and out on several occasions have to be reported once.
※ Items specified by other laws and regulations such as the cultural assets are limited for returns.
※ High-priced items which were not declared upon departure may be subject to taxes upon arrival.
Jewellry which is not the personal items (such as gold bars) have to be officially declared as the exports.
Cautions for the purchasers of duty free items upon departure
※ Purchase limit upon Arrival US$800
※ The amount in access must be declared to the customs and the taxes should be paid.

You can check the status of the brands in the duty-free shop at Incheon Airport on the website > Shopping/Restaurants > Duty-Free Shopping

We have three bank brands(KEB Hana, Woori, and Shinhan) in Incheon Airport to provide general financing and currency exchange services. We operate currency exchange for 24-hours for your convenience. Please refer to the link below for detailed location and business hours by bank office.

-Business hours: Open throughout the year (no closed days)

-Detailed location and business hours

: Homepage > Airport Services > Airport Facilities > Finance/Insurance > Bank/Currency exchange

Incheon Airport provides courtesy WiFi service in the passenger terminals and Concourse building from September of 2008. You can use the service with your laptop (with an embedded wireless lan), or smart phone free of charge in all areas within Incheon Airport. To use the Internet service. when the wireless lan signal is detected by your devide in the wireless service area, click 'AirportWiFi.‘

Please refer to the following menu on our website.
: Home>To&From Airport>Public Transportation>Bus
○ Yeongjongdo
Yeongjongdo was once called Jayeondo (紫燕島 translated into Island of Purple Swallows) because many swallow birds live here. In addition, Yeongjongdo faces Shindo, Shido, Sammokdo, Yongyudo, and Muido.
Excluding Baekwoonsan Mountain (256) situated at the center of the island, it is mainly composed of low flat lands and most of the sandy coastline is used as a salt farm.
As part of a plan for fortification during King Sook-Jong's reign in the Chosun Dynasty, it was included as a Gyodong naval area and during King Yeong-Jo's reign, a military bunker was installed here and played an important role in national defense.
▷ Ocean Exploration Center
This is an open classroom where you can observe the various life forms in the ocean and it is located approximately 2.6km from the Yeongjongdo pier.
▷ Yonggungsa (Temple)
It is said that this Buddhist temple was constructed during the reign of the Shilla King Munmu by a Buddhist priest named Wonhyo. Visitors can see the history of Yeongjongdo through the cultural relics such as the statue of the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy, poems from Kim Kyu-Jin, and tablets written by Heungseon Daeweongun as well as through the two zelkova trees that have been standing for 1,300 years.
○ Yongyudo
There was once a bridge that connected it with Yeongjongdo, but due to the construction of Incheon International Airport, it was demolished and the land was reclaimed from the sea.
Eulwangni Beach and Wangsan Beach, which are natural tourist attractions, are scheduled for large-scale development into a seaside tourist resort in order to facilitate tourists using Incheon International Airport.
▷ Wangsan Beach
Wangsan Beach is located on the western coast of Yongyudo and has a natural white sand beach. Its slopes are soft and have massive woodlands making it ideal for families to enjoy their vacations here.
▷ Eulwangni Beach
Eulwangni Beach is famous for its vast sand field spanning across 200m during low tides and for its sunset. Families can come and enjoy the camping grounds, lodging and convenience facilities here, and is a great place to enjoy boat rides.
▷ Janggun (General) Rock
Janggun Rock looks like a military general wearing armor and a helmet looking out to the sea. It is one of the 8 Great Sceneries of Yongyu Island and is also called the guardian of Yongyudo.
▷ Masiran, Geojampo Beach
They are located on the southwest side of Yongyudo and at the end of a soft coastline is a forest of pine trees situated like that of a folding screen. There is an annual Hangeumul fishing contest where bass and mullets are caught with bare hands.
** Hand baggage is that the passenger carries into the cabin under the passenger’s responsibility for storage
** Checked baggage is that the passenger consigns for transportation to the carrier and which will find/pick up at the destination.
○ Free baggage standards allowed by airline carriers, in general ;
1) Carry-on bags
- Bulk : Less than a total of 115cm after adding the height, weight and length
- Weight : Under 10kg
- Quantity : Total weight of all bags added together
2) Checked baggage standards for Korean Air (KE), Asiana (OZ) and foreign airlines
a) America (USA, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, other US territories)
- Bulk : Less than a total of 158cm after adding the height, weight and length
- Weight : Under 23 kg (Travel Class) or 32 kg (First and Business Class)
- Quantity : Up to 2, total weight of all bags added together
b) Destinations not to the US
- Bulk : 1 bag under a total size of 158cm
- Weight : Under 20kg (Travel Class), 30kg(Business class), 40kg (First class)
- Quantity : Total weight of all bags added together
Also, the above clauses are applicable to all passengers over 24 months old, and most airlines normally allow 1 bag for infants
that are less than 10kg.
** Airlines may have different standards and allow extra baggage for VIP passengers and high mileage customers, so please confirm with the airline for detailed information.

The electro-magnetic field caused by the inspection equipment (metal detectors and hand held metal detectors) at Incheon International Airport is minimal and is not harmful to people.
However, pregnant women who are uncomfortable with it or those who do not want to pass the metal detector because of cardiac pacemakers can request inspection agents to conduct physical searches instead of passing through the metal detector.

Incheon International Airport has been offering Free WiFi service to everywhere in the airport since 2008. 9.

It's available to use WiFi by labtop , of course, smartphone equipped with a wireless lan when 'AIRPORTWIFI' as we call SSID(WLAN signal ID) is detected and connected by the device that you own.

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact Flight Information Team(032)741-2913~4).
Sincerely we answer your asking.

Thank you.    

If our luggage is late or lost, you should report in written form within 21 days from the day you have checked in the luggage to the airline, and if your luggage is damaged, within 7 days you have claimed the luggage.


In the following instance compensation will not be provided.


1) If the company took all measures for damage prevention or if due to uncontrollable reasons(force majeure), it is proven that such measures could not be taken.

2) If the damage occurred due to accident or negligence of the passenger.

3) Also, please take note when you check in your luggage as in the following, compensation will not be provided for lost or damaged luggage.

fragile items or items that easily decompose, musical instruments that are not put in a hard case

pharmaceuticals related to health

high-priced electronic products or data such as laptop computers, cell phones, camcorders, and mp3 players

cash, or valuable items for which valuation is difficult such as jewelery, precious metals, papers such as securities, contracts, academic papers, passports, and personal IDs, samples, antiques / items that are too heavy / items over-stuffed into the bag compared to its capacity.

damage to locks, or film when going through x-ray when going through security clearance

slight scratches, bumps, spots, or damage that can ordinarily occur during bag-handling to wheels/handle/locks or straps and other supplementary accessories

What is the duty free allowance for the travelers?
Duty free allowance for the travelers to bring into Korea is worth US $800.
(The duty free allowance for the crew members are the same as the ordinary travelers.)
However, the underage (less than 19 years of age) are limited in receiving the tax exemption for liquor and cigarettes.
Duty free allowance for agricultural, livestock and aquatic products(medicinal herbs)
The duty free allowance is within the total weight of 50kg and the acquisition price overseas must be less than 100,000 won and they must pass the inspection.
For any additional information, please check the site below.

Duty-free items are tax-exempt products that cannot be exchanged or refunded in regular stores under the Customs Law, and can be refunded or exchanged as in the following:

When you reside abroad : Exchange or refund is possible via international mail

When you reside in Korea: Exchange or refund is only possible if the goods are reported to the customs office at the time of arrival(unless the amount of purchase is less than $600, in which case reporting is not required).

*However, you may only exchange/refund at the duty-free store in which you made the purchase within our airport, so you would be obliged to leave the country again or ask someone who does.


For specific exchange and refund procedures, please contact the duty-free store in which you made the purchase and they will provide further guidance in a welcoming manner.


-Lotte duty free: (Passenger Terminal) (82) 032-743-7755

(Concourse) (82) 032-743-7971

-The Shilla Duty Free: (82) 032-743-4987 / (82) 032-743-4463~4

-Shinsegae Duty Free: (82) 032-743-0300

-SM Duty Free: (82) 032-743-0050~1

-City Duty Free: (82) 032-743-0404

-Samik Duty Free: (82) 032-743-0530

-Entas Duty Free: (82) 032-743-0205

There are 29 ATMs in our passenger terminals.

-19 bank brand-specific, 10 general ATMs(excluding bank branch installation)



-check-in area(B-M counters) on 3F(departure floor): 17 ATMs

(Shinhan 5, Korea Exchange 4, Kookmin 2, Hana 2, Korea Electronics Finance 4)

*In the duty-free area which you access after immigration clearance, ATMs cannot be installed due to the Foreign Exchange Transaction Act.

-In front of A-G exit on 1F (arrival floor): 12 ATMs

(Shinhan 2, Korea Exchange 2, Kookmin 1, Hana 1, Korea Electronics Finance 6)

-Operating hours

: 24 hours.

You can find Information on using the Internet and computers within our airport at our homepage Info Services > Facilities > Telecommunication/Internet > Internet.

Please refer to the following menu on our website.
: Home>To&From Airport>Getting to Airport
Please refer to the following menu on our website.
: Home>To&From Airport>Parking
○ Range of jurisdiction : Management of lost and found items in public areas of the airport
○ Location : Public Area, B1F West Side (Side of Incheon Airport CS Academy)
○ Usage Information
- Found Items: Report found item → Register at Lost and Found Center → Register on the 'Found Item Search' box at the IIAC homepage 'Lost and Found Center' → Return to owner after verification → Store items not reclaimed at the Lost and Found Center (2~3 months) → Deliver to police station
- Lost Items: Report lost item → Lost and Found Center receives report → Find lost item → Report finding to owner (reporter) → Return item
▷ Korean Airlines
- Range of Jurisdiction: Questions on lost and found items in the cabin
- Questions: 080-669-8272, Cargo Group 82-32-742-5193 (east side of the 2nd floor)
▷ Asiana Airlines
- Range of Jurisdiction: Questions on lost and found items in the cabin
- Questions: Baggage Part 82-32-744-2205∼6 (Behind the 1st floor Millennium Hall)
▷ Incheon Jungbu Police Station
- Range of Jurisdiction: Items transferred from the airport Lost and Found Center
- Questions: Crime Prevention Department 82-32-764-0182

In general, boarding procedures are accessible from 3 to 2.5 hours before departure time. The check-in counter operating hours are different for each airline, but you can generally check in when you arrive at the airport 3 hours in advance. You can check in for the same-day departure only. You can find the location of your check-in counter on the Incheon Airport website > Departure > Departure Schedule.

1. Why deploying AIT(Advanced Imaging Technology) in the airports?
To ensure air travelers remain safe and secure from new threats, Dec. 25, 2010 Northwest Flight 253 Incident and prepare for the G20 Seoul Summit in 2010.
2. What kind of AIT does Incheon International Airport use?
Incheon International Airport uses 'Backscatter X-Ray' technology which is safe, convenient for air travelers and is effective in preventing terrorism.
The AIT will be able to accurately detect nonmetallic substances such as ceramics, weapons, and powder/liquid explosives without touching an individual’s body. Current metal detectors are not sensitive to such devices.
3. How does the AIT screening work?
Backscatter X-Ray technology presents the outline image of the passenger's body using X-Ray. The AIT can detect effectively hidden or dangerous items. This screening images are displayed in black, applied to blur the image and sent to AIT's image analytical laboratories, then same gender screeners check (and only the same gender screeners check AIT image). If there are something suspicious items to be screened, screener and also the passenger involved can see what's unconfirmed (both screener and passenger can check what's unconfirmed). All these steps are anonymous, therefore it's difficult to know passenger's identification. The AIT doesn’t have functions to save, print out and transfer body images of passengers.
4. Incheon International Airport’s AIT is safe?
Yes, Incheon International Airport’s AIT is the same model with the TSA, which was evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH), the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL).
* According to NCRP(National Council on Radiation Protection & Measurements) an effective dose of AIT per scan would allow 2,500 scans of an Individual annually
5. What sort of privacy policy dose Incheon International Airport have?
Incheon International Airport has implemented strict privacy safeguards using advanced imaging technology to protect passenger's privacy and image leak, etc.
* AIT Image screeners are conducted on a same gender basis.
a. You can choose either AIT scan or Pat-down.
b. AIT can not save, print out and transfer body images of passengers.
c. There is a privacy algorithm applied to blur the image.
d. Security personnel view the image and does not see the passenger, and a guidance staff assisting the passenger can not view the image.
e. Security personnel in charge of the AIT are prohibited bringing cameras, cell phones and other devices with them in AIT image analytical laboratories. If security personnel commit illegal acts, there need to take legal action strongly..
f. CCTV equipment is installed in the image analytical laboratories to prevent wrongdoing.
6. What's the process to go through the AIT?
a. You will be asked to get either AIT or physical search. (as known pat-down)
b. Take everything out of your pockets including non-metallic items.
(If you have any item in your pockets, you could be checked additional security procedures.)
c. Walk into the imaging portal, stand in a position and remain still for a few seconds while the technology creates an image of the passenger in real time.
d. Exit the opposite side of the portal and wait for a minute. Staff will notice you the image screening result.
e. You may go through the follow-up procedures according to the security personnel's guide.
f. After completing all steps, you can collect all your belongings and go.
7. Is AIT screening optional?
Yes, AIT screening is optional for all passengers. Passengers who do not wish to receive AIT screening will receive a physical pat-down.
8. What does Pat-down mean?
Pat-down is the way to check the passengers by security personnel's hands (directly by security personnel).
9. Is AIT(Advanced Imaging Technology) screening optional?
Yes, AIT screening is optional for all passengers.
Passengers who do not wish to receive AIT screening, and pregnant woman, infants and children, the disabled, patient, etc will receive alternative screening, including a physical pat-down.
10. What's the criteria for selecting passengers to scan by the AIT(Advanced Imaging Technology)?
It's hard to give any specific information for the security reason.
But, only passengers suspected of posing a threat to other travelers and airplanes, and those who are on the watch list or suspected of carrying suspicious materials on their first security checks will undergo the AIT screening. We are not selecting by nationality, race, gender, religion, departing country, etc.
11. If passengers refuse to scan by AIT and also physical pat-down from religious reason?
According to the Aviation Safety and Security Act Article 15, passengers including carry-on, and checked baggage must receive security checks.
If refused, passengers and any baggage can be denied to board the aircraft.
FYI, anyone who interfere with security staff's work such as security screening, access control, etc or those who are assaulting security staff will be punished by law.

* Transit Hotel
- Location : (Duty-free area) 4th floor in the passenger terminal
- Hours of Operation : Always open(24hrs)
- Tel : 032-743-3000

* Spa on Air(Sauna&Spa)
- Location :  B1, East Side
- Hours of Operation : Always Open(24hrs)
- Tel : 82-32-743-7042~3
- Rate
    ① Day(06:00~20:00) : 15,000won
    ② Night(20:00~06:00) : 20,000won
      ※Additional KRW5,000 will also be charged after 20:00 for the day customers
    ③ Sleeping Room : 12,000won
      ※ Reservation required(82-32-743-7042~3)

Paid service to carry luggage to designated places for passengers with multiple luggage.

-Departure: From the car/bus drop-off point on 3F to the airline check-in counter.

-Arrival: From the baggage-claim area on 1F (customs area) to the boarding area for the car/bus on the 1F.

-Service hours: 7:00 to 19:00

-Service fee per cart per service: 5,000 won

-Inquiries: (82) 032-743-2381

*Reservations are only available for group passengers.


You can check Incheon Airport’s 24-hour food and beverage stores on the Homepage> Shopping/Restaurants > Restaurants > 24 Hour Open tab.

ncheon Airport operates a movie theater in Terminal 1, Transportation Center

*Movie theater (CGV)

-Location : B1F of the Transportation Center

-Number of theaters and seats: A total of 245 seats (97 seats in the 1st hall, 148 seats in the 2nd hall), 2 halls

-Screening time: weekday: 09:00 to 25:00

weekend: 09:00 to 26:00

(*Screen time may vary depending on circumstances of CGV)

-Contact information for questions: (82) 032-743-8580

-Reservation site: http://www.cgv.co.kr

You can find Information on using the Internet and computers within our airport at our homepage Info Services > Facilities > Other Facilities.

For the convenience of passengers utilizing mobile devices such as smartphones and laptops, Incheon Airport has installed recharging facilities for 110V, 220V power sources and USBs.
○ Location of Charging facilities : Passenger Terminal 3rd floor check-in counter area and departure area, Arrival area of 1st floor, departure area of Concourse

Throughout our airport, we installed charging stations for charging 110V, USB, 220V for the convenience of customers who use mobile IT devices such as smart phones and laptops.

Location of charging station : (Passenger terminals) 3F departure hall area, around check-in counters / 1F arrival hall (Concourse) departure hall area.

1. Hotels around Incheon International Airport
① Grand Hyatt Incheon
Grand Hyatt Incheon is located only minutes from Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 and 20 minutes from Terminal 2.
It is the perfect place to shake off your jet lag, and enjoy a short stay for a quick departure.

The Hotel’s East Tower and West Tower are connected via a sky bridge on the second floor.
Three swimming pools, including a dedicated children’s pool and sauna are great facilities for you to have enough rest and to plan another trip.
In addition to this recreational options, all-day dining buffet restaurants Grand Café and Restaurant 8 featuring creative dining concepts are specialties of the Hotel.

Tel1: +82 32 745 1000 Reservations /: +82 32 745 1234 Information/ Website: Incheon.grand.hyatt.com
*Free shuttle buses run every 30 minutes from the airport (Gate 3C at T1 & 2A at T2 on the 1st floor) to the hotel
② Best Western Hotel
The Best Western Hotel is located 2 minutes from Incheon International Airport and facilitates 301 guest rooms, a multi-restaurant, Japanese restaurant, business center, fitness center and more. We invite you to a clean and comfortable resting place where you can feel at home.
Tel: 82-32-743-1000 (Questions) Fax: 82-32-745-1004
③ Hotel Queen Incheon Airport
The newly opened Hotel Queen Incheon Airport properly represents Incheon International Airport, and our employees who speak English, Japanese and Chinese will respectfully treat each and every guest with special care. We are located 7 minutes from the airport and you can call 24 hours a day for free pick up services from the airport to the hotel. Compared to other hotels, we have larger rooms with higher ceilings and all guest rooms are equipped with free steam saunas, high-speed internet, and DVD movies. Furthermore, in order to guarantee safety for all guests, we are insured by AIG's American Home Assurance.
Tel. 82-32-747-0070 Fax. 82-32-752-7770 (From Korea)
Tel. ++82-32--747-0070 Fax. ++82-32--752-7770 (Overseas)
Address: 2801-5 Woonseo-dong Junggu Incheon
④ Hotel New Airport
The recently opened Hotel New Airport is located only 6 to 10 minutes away from Incheon Airport and is a luxurious hotel fitted with computers connected to free high-speed internet, as well as a wide array of convenience facilities such as an indoor driving range. In addition, guests may call 24 hours a day for free pick-up services.
Tel: 82-32-752-2066~8
Fax: 82-32-746-2067
E-mail: hotelnewairport@yahoo.com
⑤ Hotel SKY: www.hotelsky.co.kr
⑥ Hotel Hubhub: www.hotelhh.com
⑦ Hotel Sevilla: www.hotelsevilla.co.kr
2. Hotels near Gimpo Airport
① The Airport Tourist Hotel: Tel 82-2-662-1113
② Nostalgia Hotel: Tel 82-2-691-0071
③ River Park Hotel: Tel 82-2-3665-3000
④ Regent Hotel: Tel 82-2-694-3111
⑤ Green World: Tel 82-2-653-1999
⑥ Niagara Hotel: Tel 82-2-3664-2233
These hotels are located 10~15 minutes by bus from Gimpo Airport. Guests can call the hotel on arrival at Gimpo Airport to utilize the free hotel shuttle bus services from the airport to the hotel. It usually takes 40 ~ 45 minutes from most hotels.
3. Hotels in the Incheon area
① Olympus Hotel: Located near Weolmido island. There are no buses from the hotel to the airport and takes 30 ~ 40 minutes by taxi.
Tel 82-32-762-5181
② New Star Tourist Hotel: Locate near Incheon harbor. There are no buses from the hotel to the airport and takes 30 ~ 40 minutes by taxi. Tel 82-32-885-8111
③ Songdo Beach Hotel: Located near Songdo Beach. Incheon Airport limousine buses run every 20 minutes. Bus fares are 5,000 Won and takes 90 minutes. Tel 82-32-832-1311
④ Bupyeong Tourist Hotel: Located at Gilsan Station (Incheon subway line 1). Bus number 111 runs every 10 minutes. Bus fares cost 2,400 Won and takes 60 minutes. There is a bus stop near the hotel.
※ For more information, please contact the Incheon Airport hotel information desk. (☎ 82-32-743-2570)
○ Short-term flight schedule changes notifications for passengers can be checked.
○ It is most common for flights which last less than 3 hours from the departing airports in China and Japan.
○ Therefore, until the departing airport (China, Japan) sends Incheon Airport a message of the actual departure time, the estimated time of arrival at Incheon Airport is the same as the scheduled time of arrival on the internet, flight information monitor, and information desks.
○ Sometimes when welcoming parties only go by the scheduled time of arrival, there are instances when they arrive before the flight departs from the airport due to reasons at the departing area or because of problems with the weather.
○ Welcoming parties may have to wait a prolonged period of time when the arrival is delayed compared to the scheduled arrival time.
○ Welcoming parties should contact the information desk and confirm the new arrival time whenever they can.

If an aircraft fails to arrive on the scheduled date and arrives late, it will be handled as follows:

-If the arrival is delayed to the next day as of 24:00, the existing flight number will be deleted and the flight will be operated under same flight number the next day.

-If there was no flight with the same flight number scheduled on the next day, the added flight will be displayed under the same flight name, but if there was, English alphabet(s) will be added to the end of your flight number, so please take note.

The phone numbers of airline lounges in Incheon Airport are as follows :


[Passenger Terminal]

-Asiana Airlines: (82) 032-744-2222-4(Diamond Lounge)


[Concourse Building]

-Asiana Airlines: (82) 032-744-2960,1

-Cathay Pacific Airlines: (82) 032-744-6787,8

-Singapore Airlines: (82) 032-744-6519

-China Eastern Airlines: (82) 032-744-3839

- After security or immigration clearance, you may not return to the general area for cash withdrawal or international roaming service for mobile phone, so be sure to withdraw cash and arrange roaming in advance.


- After immigration clearance, head to your boarding gate (you can find the gate number on your boarding pass or flight info monitors) and board your flight.


- Be careful not to be late for boarding, as boarding begins 30 minutes before departure and closes 10 minutes before departure. Incheon Airport does not provide announcements about individual departure passengers.

You can check the code and contact information of airlines that are currently in service at Incheon Airport website > Departure > Information > Airlines to Search.

1) Due to flight delay and cancellation, there is probability of disturbances to your travel or business trip, so please schedule your flight with enough marginal time. Take into consideration that a flight ticket may be cancelled or delayed due to various reasons, and constantly check before confirming your reservation and before boarding whether your flight schedule remains the same.

2) Right upon receiving your flight ticket, thoroughly check the flight information on it such as the English spelling of your name, date and time of departure/arrival and name of destination.

In case the English spelling on the ticket and passport are different, you may be denied boarding, and due to national time differences, you may misperceive the arrival/departure time, and the actual name of your arrival/departure city and airport may have to be checked again. Therefore, to prevent any losses, it is crucial to check all information on your flight ticket you purchased to ensure it is correct.

3) Make sure to take on board any precious or fragile items.


In many cases, if such items(valuable electronic items such as laptops or cameras, or jewelery/cash/precious stones) are damaged or lost, depending on the policy of the airline you are using it is often NOT possible to receive compensation. Also, items forbidden to take into your destination country/city vary, so prior to packing, ask your airline or check through the Internet on luggage transportation policies.

4) When cancelling your flight ticket, please contact : your travel agency or airline that is the seller of the tickets and when you get a refund check the amount of fees that have been deducted. The deducted fee in case of refund may vary depending on your flight ticket. When you receive the refund, please check right away whether the cancellation fee is in accordance with your prior purchase agreement with the seller.

5) Consumer Protection Contact Information

Korea Consumer Agency

TEL.82 02-3460-3000/ FAX 02-3460-3180


5. Information before Boarding

-After security or immigration clearance, you may not return to the general area for cash withdrawal or international roaming service for mobile phone, so be sure to withdraw cash and arrange roaming in advance.

-After immigration clearance, head to your boarding gate (you can find the gate number on your boarding pass or flight info monitors) and board your flight.

-Be careful not to be late for boarding, as boarding begins 30 minutes before departure and closes 10 minutes before departure. Incheon Airport does not provide announcements about individual departure passengers.

○ Carry-ons
: Batteries inside electronic products, extra batteries, and storage batteries may be carried into the cabin. However, storage batteries for battery powered wheelchairs must first be removed. Once both poles are disconnected it may be brought into the cabin.
Also, 1 hair spray, cosmetic, perfume, or shaving cream under 0.5 liters can be carried into the cabin.
○ Checked baggage
: Liquid storage batteries (Storage batteries with electrolytes) are strictly forbidden in entering the plane, but normal batteries may be sent in checked baggage.
Except the above mentioned items such as hair sprays, all flammable sprays are forbidden on the plane.

Incheon International Airport's security equipment (e.g. walk through metal detectors, handheld metal detectors) used during the screening process emits extremely low levels of electromagnetic radiation, and does not pose any health risk to individuals.

However, other special screening procedures are available at the security checkpoint if a passenger decides to opt out of a metal detector screening due to being pregnant, wearing a wig, having any psychological condition, etc.

Passengers with metal implants from surgery or for other medical reasons may cause the alarm to go off during the screening process. You can inform the security officer in advance to undergo other available special screening procedure.

Cosmetic products in the form of liquid and gel (e.g. perfume, toner, lotion) are allowed in carry-on bags when meeting the conditions below.

The container of each item must be 100 ml or less. Each passenger is allowed a clear 1 L sealed plastic bag (20.5 cm x 20.5 cm or 15 cm x 25 cm) with all the items in it. If the bag is not completely sealed, it is prohibited from being carried on the aircraft.

Before undergoing the screening procedure, take your plastic bag out of your carry-on bag and show it to the security officer.

Any personal item in the form of aerosol spray (e.g. hair spray, portable oxygen spray, and bug repellents) is allowed in carry-on bags when the container of each item is 100 ml or less. A single item from the same kind is allowed in checked baggage when its quantity is 500 ml or less and the combined weight of all items is under 2 kg.

Self-defense sprays are not allowed in carry-on bags. Only one self-defense spray, not exceeding 100 ml (regardless of the quantity of its remains), is permitted per passenger in checked baggage. Flammable pesticides (e.g. mosquito repellents) are not permitted in either carry-on bags or checked baggage. 

Incheon International Airport places a limit on the quantity and volume of liquids, sprays and gels in carry-on bags for all departing international flights.
Liquids, sprays and gels are allowed in carry-on bags if the container of each item is 100 ml or less (regardless of the quantity of its remains) with all items in a clear 1 L sealed plastic bag (20.5 cm x 20.5 cm or 15 cm x 25 cm). Each passenger is allowed to board with a single plastic bag.

[Review the items listed below when packing them in your carry-on bag.]
- Liquids: kimchi, alcohol, bottled water, beverage, juice, perfume, etc.
- Sprays: hair spray, portable oxygen spray, bug repellent, etc.
- Gels: toiletries (e.g. toothpaste, shampoo), cream-type cosmetics (e.g. lotion), and liquid/paste-type foods (e.g. gochujang, doenjang, canned goods).
* Solid food is allowed in carry-on bags (e.g. seasoned dried shredded dish, seasoned dried anchovies)

[What should I do if I did not bring a plastic bag?]
- You can purchase a plastic bag at any convenient store on the third floor of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

[What about baby food/drink?]
- Baby food/drink (e.g. milk, water, juice, cream) and other related articles (e.g. wet wipes) are allowed for passengers traveling with a child younger than six years of age, but only to the degree that you need during the flight.

Duty Free items are tax exempt and therefore according to Customs regulations, exchanges and refunds may not be given at normal shops. You may follow the below steps for exchanges and refunds.
① When residing overseas: Exchange or refund through international parcel.
② When residing in the country: Exchange and refunds restricted only when it was declared at customs on arrival (Items under $600 do not need to be declared)
However, exchange/refunds are only permitted at the Duty Free shop where the item was purchased, so visitors must make the exchange on departure or ask a departing acquaintance to make the exchange on your behalf.
※ Please call the Duty Free shop where you have purchased your item for more details on exchange and refund procedures.
- Shilla Duty Free: 82-32-743-4463 / 82-1688-1110
- Korea Tourism Organization Duty Free Shop: 82-32-743-2000
- Lotte Duty Free Shop: 82-32-743-7779
You may not use the Duty Free shop on arrival (Customs laws prohibit installation of Duty Free shops at arrival areas)
Passengers who were unable to use the Duty Free shop on departure should use the Duty Free shop from the country they depart from for return since Duty Free shops are not installed at Incheon International Airport.
Thank you.
There are four Duty Free shops at Incheon Airport, and operation hours are 07:00 ~ 21:30 (open every day).
Koreans may purchase up to 3,000 USD in total, and taxes are exempt to 600 USD. (When purchases exceed 600 USD, passengers must declare it at Customs)
* Duty Free Shops
- Shilla Duty Free Shop: 82-32-743-4463 / 82-1688-1110
- Lotte Duty Free Shop: 82-32-743-7779
- Korea Tourism Organization: 82-32-743-2000
* Duty Free Item delivery place
- Contact: 82-32-743-6910
- Operation Hour: Period during first flight ~ final flight
Please refer to the following menu on our website.
: Home>Shop&Dine>Shopping
Tax-refund scheme is to let foreign tourists get inland tax return on their departure from Korea. This policy is only applied to those who will leave Korea in 3 months after purchase of products.
* Step for tax-refund
- Obtain confirmation document on purchase at the tax-free shops in Korea
- Get a stamp from customs desk in a passenger terminal of Incheon Airport(Public areal, 3F) after showing products purchased to officers.
- Submit the document with a stamp to tax-refund counter located in duty-free area.
- Get tax returned.
* Tax-Refund Counter
- Cube Refund
① Location : 4F, Near Gate 26~27(Duty-free area)
② Tel : 82-32-743-7556
③ Homepage : http://www.cuberefund.com
* Automatic Tax Refund Devices(if KRW75,000 or less per payment receipt)
- operation hours : 24 hours
- location : (Public area) 3F, Near customs clearance area 1~4 in the passenger terminal(Duty-free area) 3F, Near gate 26~27 in the passenger terminal 4F, Near pharmacy in central area of concourse
- contacts : 82-32-743-1009
- homepage : http://www.kicc.co.kr
* Food & Beverages
- McDonalds : Passenger Terminal 1F, Center (Public Area)
- Sanuki Bore : Passenger Terminal 1F, near gate C (Public Area)
- Lotteria : Passenger Terminal 3F, near gate 1 (Public Area)
- Bon juk, Bon Bibimbap : Passenger Terminal 1F, near gate 12 (Public Area)
- Food Capital : Near Gate 30(Terminal), Near Gate 118(Concourse, Duty-free area)
- Cafe Amoje : Near Gate 27(Duty-free area)
- Charlie Brown Cafe : Near Gate 113(Concourse, Duty-free area)
* Duty Free shops(Duty-free area)
- Lotte Duty Free
① Perfume&Cosmetics : Near Gate 12
② Food, JeongGwanJang : Near Gate 25
③ Liquor&Tobacco : Near Gate 12
④ Liquor&Tobacco : Near Gate 28
⑤ Liquor&Tobacco : Near Information Desk(Concourse)
- Shilla Duty Free
① Bag Collection : Near Gate 27
② Sunglasses : Near Gate 27
③ Perfume&Cosmetics : Near Gate 27
④ Korean Cosmetics : Near Gate 27
⑤ Perfume&Cosmetics : Near Information Desk(Concourse)
⑥ Food, Jeonggwanjang : Near Information Desk(Concourse)
⑦ Electronics, Fashion Accessories : Near Information Desk(Concourse)
* Parcel & Packaging(Public Area)
- Hanjin Express : East side of the passenger terminal(Public area, 3F)
- CJ Korea Express : West side of the passenger terminal(Public area, 3F)
* Spa(Sauna)
- Spa on Air : East side of the passenger terminal(Public area, B1F)
* Transit Hotel
- Walkerhill Transit Hotel : East/West side of the passenger terminal(Duty-free area, 4F)
* Sky HUB lounge
- East side of the passenger terminal(Dutyfree area, 4F)
In Korean Traditional Street, located on the 4th floor of passenger terminal, you can enjoy the beautiful traditional architects, traditional desserts, and even purchase various K-Pop products. Detailed information below.
* Location : Center of the passenger terminal(Public area, 4F)
* Facility
- Traditional Architects : Soteulsammun, Ilgakmun, Biseonru, PyoungDaemun, Samojoung
- Interactive Facility : Digital Interative Facility
- Food&Beverages : Paris baguette, Pascucci, Bizeun,
- Korean Classical Music concert(2 times/day), Stroll of Korean royal family(1 time/day)
Please refer to the following menu on our website.
: Home>Shop&Dine>Shopping
Round-the-clock banking service is available at Incheon Int'l Airport. Passesngers will come across 24-hour ATMs all over the passenger terminal.
* In accordance with the Foreign Exchange Transactions Act of Korea, ATMs are not installed in the duty-free area.

SK Telecom, LG Telecom, and KTF, which are all leading mobile phone companies in Korea, provides mobile phone roaming and rental services at Incheon Airport. (Open 24 hours a day)
Please refer to the following menu on our website.
: Home>Airport Serviced>IBanks․Telecom>CP
Please refer to the following menu on our website.
: Home>Airport Services>Rest>Sauna&Spa
* Theater(CGV)
- Location : Travel Center(Public area, B1F)
- Hours of operation
① Weekdays : 09:00 ~ 25:00
② Weekends : 09:00 ~ 26:00
※ Hours of operaetion subject to change
- Tel : 82-32-743-8580
- Hompage : www.cgv.co.kr
* Ice Rink
- Artificial Icerink available all seasons
- Location : Travel Center(Public area, B1F)
- Hours of operation : 10:00 ~ 20:00
- Rental Fee(No entrance fee)
① Children : KRW2,000
② Teenagers : KRW3,000
③ Adult : KRW4,000
There are four banks at Incheon International Airport which provides financial and currency exchange services.
Please refer to the following menu on our website.
: Home>Airport Services>Banks
Please refer to the following menu on our website.
: Home>Airport Services>Life>Post office
Transit passengers or passengers who finished the check-in procedure can accommodate at transit hotel in Incheon Airport. Please be aware that it is not allowed for passengers to stay at the hotel a day before departure.
- Location : West/East side of departure area(Duty-free area, 4F)
- Facility : Room(24 hours), Lounge(07:00~21:00), Restaurant, Shower room, Massage
- Room rate : KRW 55,000~(rate varies according to room type and staying time)
- Tel : 82-32-743-3000
- Website : http://www.airgardenhotel.com
  • We provide paid services for the Goodlugg staff to pick up your luggage from Incheon International Airport and deliver it right to your home or hotel in South Korea.
  • Eligibility: Passengers with disabilities and the mobility impaired (e.g. children under 6 and their guardians, pregnant women, those over 65, children under 13).
  • Please refer to the link below or add the official KakakoTalk channel (ID: goodlugg) for detailed information on rates and how to use the service.
  • Goodlugg website: https://www.goodlugg.com

If this happens, please send your feedback to the following e-mail address, and we will upload your

feedback in the Complaints/Compliments section of our homepage.


e-mail address : voc@airport.kr


When you also write your name and mobile phone number(including the country code), we will also send you an SMS message as soon as your feedback is added to our homepage.

You can use the Incheon International Airport sauna(spa) in line with information on Incheon Airport website > Info Service > Facilities > Lounge/Hotel/Rest > Shower.

You can find Information on lounges at our homepage Transfer > Amenities > Lounge/ Hotel/ Rest > Lounge.

Prescription drugs are handled in 1 pharmacy for each passenger terminal and locations are as follows :


<Terminal 1>

- Medipharm Pharmacy: B1F east side, on the opposite side of the Arport Medical Center(general area)

<Terminal 2>

-Balance Pharmacy : B1F west side, next to the Airport Medical Center(general area)


In all other pharmacies, only over-the-counter drugs are sold.

<Terminal 1>

W-Store Pharmacy, Optima Plaza Pharmacy : at the center of 3F, around check-in counter F/G

(general area)

World Top Pharmacy : center of 3F, around gate 28(duty-free area)

Leadpharm Pharmacy : center of Concourse(duty-free area)

<Terminal 2>

- SkyPharm Pharmacy : center of 3F, around check-in counter E(general area)

Prime Pharmacy : center of 3F, opposite site of gate 251(duty-free area)

Coat storage services are provided in the following stores at Incheon Airport.


[Clean-up-air laundry] Location: Passenger Terminal 1, B1F west side, Passenger Terminal 2, B1F east side Operating hours : 08:00-20:00(weekdays) / 08:00-18:00(weekends, holidays) Price : 10,000 won for 5 days(including 4 nights), +2,000 won for each added day after that


[SPA ON AIR(sauna) Location: Passenger Terminal 1, B1F east side Operating hours : 24 hours Price : 2,000 won for 1 item/day(only in service during winter season)


[CJ Logistics] Location: Passenger Terminal 1, 3F, behind check-in counter A Operating hours : 24 hours Price : 2,500 won for 1 item/day


[HANJIN EXPRESS] Location: Passenger Terminal 1, 3F, behind check-in counter M Operating hours : 24 hours Price : 2,500 won for 1 item/day


Location: Passenger Terminal 2, 3F, behind check-in counter H and also at the center of 1F

Operating hours : 06:30-22:30 Price : 2,500 won for 1 item/day

For information on using the Smoking Area at Incheon Airport, please refer to our homepage,

Info Services > Facilities > Other Facilities > Smoking Area

○ When a person liable for military service intends to depart from the country, he must obtain permission for overseas travel from the Commissioner of the Military Manpower Administration by visiting the regional military manpower office (or branch office) or through the Military Manpower Administration website at least two days prior to the date of departure.

○ However, if permission for overseas travel is urgently required before departure because it has not been obtained in advance, it can be acquired from the Military Service Help Desk at the Incheon International Airport passenger terminal.

[Military Service Help Desk Location]
- Terminal 1(+82-32-740-2500): Near Check-in counter G in public area on 3rd floor / 06:30–22:00 (open year-round)
- Terminal 2(+82-32-740-2502): Inside Comprehensive Government Administrative Center on 2nd floor / 09:00–18:00 (open year-round)