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Incheon International Airport, the future of international airports!
We will take off as a leading value creator of the global airport industry.

President & CEO Hag Jae Lee
Incheon International Airport Corporation

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Greetings and welcome,

I am Hag Jae Lee, President and CEO of Incheon International Airport Corporation (IIAC).

Incheon International Airport opened its doors in 2001 with the aim of serving as the hub of Northeast Asia. Thanks to the people's support, the government's vision and policies, and the dedication of over 70,000 staff members, Incheon Airport became a hub airport that ranks second in international cargo and fifth in international passengers. We are also recognized today as a key airport that connects the airways of the world.

Following the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, airports and the aviation industry at large are undergoing fierce competition; airports are now expected to play a role as a platform that encompasses industrial and economic sectors. Considerably, the rapid development of digital technologies as well as the mobility revolution are elements of new opportunities and challenges.

Accordingly, we will create unrivaled passenger-oriented value by developing differentiated and innovative airport services with the latest IT technologies based on the successful completion of the Terminal 2 expansion project by 2024. We intend to leap forward again as a global omni-convergence mega hub by expanding our role from just airport transport to serving as the center of national and local economic, tourism and industrial development.

With a mindset that each footstep we take will make new history and milestone of the aviation industry, we will always do our best. We ask for your interest and support for the ceaseless changes and challenges we will take on for a new future of Incheon Airport.

Thank you.