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Incheon International Airport will take off as a global airport industry leading value creator.

Incheon International Airport Corporation Acting President, Hee-Jeong Lee

I am Acting President, Hee-Jeong Lee of Incheon International Airport Corporation.

Incheon Airport launched its services in 2001 with the aim to become the Northeast Asian Hub, and has grown to be one of the safest and most convenient airport today with the world's best airport services and state-of-the-art operations.

Thanks to the people's support, government vision and policies, and the dedication of 70,000 airport officers and staff, Incheon Airport became a hub airport that ranked top 2 for international cargo and top 5 for international passengers. We are also recognized today as a key airport that connects the airways of the world.

Last year, the outbreak of COVID-19 was an unprecedented crisis that halted sustained growth of Incheon Airport and the aviation industry. We preserved the industrial ecosystem with the government's strong support and dedication of our airport members, but sacrifice and losses were unavoidable. Based on our experience in overcoming various critical situations, we will give our all to the aviation industry to take off once again.

We are determined to embrace innovations and challenges for new growth. By establishing world-class systems in the most critical areas of safety, security, and health, we will make safe air travel part of our ordinary life again.

The key factor for leading the post-COVID-19 era will be determined by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We will persistently invest, research, and lead changes for creating the most efficiently operated airport with cutting-edge technology. By developing differentiated and innovative airport services with the latest IT technologies, we will take the lead among fierce competitions by airports in becoming the best.

With a mindset that each footstep we take will make new history and milestone of the aviation industry, we will always do our best. We ask for your interest and support for the ceaseless changes and challenges we will take on for a new future of Incheon Airport.

Thank you.