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Annual Report

2016 연차보고서 이미지

The second leap toward a global leading airport! Incheon International Airport is off to another great challenge.

In 1992, Incheon International Airport was brought to life by reclaiming the sea, paving the land, and opening up an aerial route. In the progress of the following decade full of relentless innovations since its opening, Incheon International Airport became fully acknowledged as the world’s top-class hub airport in Northeast Asia with flawless services. In this spirit, Incheon International Airport will continue to grow as a leading corporation in the global aviation industry that represents Korea with further elevated operational expertise and creative corporate management.

2015 연차보고서 이미지

Off to a strong start to becoming the world’s best hub airport

Opened in 1992, Incheon International Airport built the finest facilities during the next 10 years filling the sea and cutting mountains. In the next decade, Incheon International Airport added the top-notch services. Now, the Korean people and enterprises spread their wings in the world through Incheon International Airport, and the people from around the world dream of a hopeful future for Korea and Northeast Asia through Incheon International Airport. Everyone at Incheon International Airport remains committed to the starting goal of building a ‘hub airport of Northeast Asia’, and promises to becoming a ‘Incheon International Airport loved by the world, Incheon Airport Corporation trusted by the Korean people’ through communication and cooperation.

2014 연차보고서 이미지

‘Incheon International Airport loved by the world, Incheon Airport Corporation trusted by the Korean people’

It was the trust of the Korean people that built Incheon International Airport on the mountains and the sea. The engine that powered our growth even in the course of construction and operation to becoming the airport with the best service was the love and support from our customers. Everyone at Incheon International Airport will keep in mind what we had in our heart when we started and gather our forces through communication and cooperation so that we can continue with our new challenges and innovation toward a global hub airport.

2013 연차보고서 이미지

Starting a new history for another 20 years

Ever since it broke ground back in 1992, the past 20 years of Incheon International Airport has been a history of challenges and achievements. Many people in the past said it’s not going to work because it is difficult - even impossible to succeed; however, the active policy support from the Korean government and the support from the Korean people made it all possible, resulting in the current status as the world’s no. 1 airport leading to Korea. Grounded on the achievements of the last two decades, Incheon International Airport is poised to start another challenge for a new tomorrow. As a global hub airport and a world-class state-owned enterprise, we will create another new 20 years by setting standards of future aviation industry.

2012 연차보고서 이미지

Go to the future with us

Incheon International Airport had grown by leaps and bounds for 10 years since its opening in 2001, and now boasts of its international status as the best airport in and outside of Korea. Based on that remarkable achievement and steadfast trust, we are starting a new leap forward. We will grow and become the most convenient and safe airport in the world, the most enjoyable and pleasant airport, and a global airport corporation leading the global airport industry. Please stay with us for the Incheon International Airport’s new future that everyone dreams of.

2011 연차보고서 이미지

All New, All Creative, All Different

Only novel ideas can create the world’s first-rate airport! Nearly everyone was skeptical towards the airport to be built at a landfill. How funny is it that we built the ‘the best airport in the world’s in only a decade after its opening? Celebrating our 10th anniversary since the opening, Incheon International Airport spreads its wings once again towards a ‘global airport corporation’ grounded on the achievements so far.

2010 연차보고서 이미지

More Than an Airport, Beyond Expectation

Becoming an airport that goes beyond a difference! Building an airport above the sea? Incheon International Airport, which was conceived from the idea of thinking outside the box, had grown to become the world’s no. 1 airport through relentless innovation and change for nine years. An airport that is the fastest and the most convenient in the world. An airport that offers joy and satisfaction to customers. An airport of culture and art full of Korean spirit. An airport in which the Korean people take pride and the world benchmarks. An airport that you want to come back to for more. An airport that always brings more than what the customers ask for. To create unforgettable, special experiences and memories for our customers, Incheon International Airport builds a new paradigm of airports.

2009 연차보고서 이미지

Creating a Difference

A different idea about an airport is what brought about where Incheon International Airport is today. For 8 years from its successful opening back in 2001, Incheon International Airport became the world’s highly acclaimed airport, let alone the major airport representing Korea. There is no doubt that there is something special about this airport that no other airports have. An airport that is the fastest and the most convenient in the world. An airport that offers joy and satisfaction to customers. An airport that creates new value with unlimited potential.
Incheon International Airport keeps evolving toward becoming a new airport that was never seen before with an extraordinary view and an extraordinary idea about an airport.

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