Parking lot information

Short-term parking lot information

  • Short-term parking is a facility for short-term (welcome, return, visit) vehicles within 1 day
  • The short-term parking lot is only for passenger cars (less than 2.1m height limit).
단기주차장 이용지역 구분안내
Floor East West
4F 260~269 160~169
3F 250~259 150~159
2F 240~249 140~149
1F 230~239 130~139
MF 220~229 120~129
B1 210~219 110~119

Long-term parking lot information

  • Please take a shuttle bus from the circulation buses A and B in the long-term parking lot to the passenger terminal.
  • Circular buses between passenger terminals in the long-term parking lot are operated every 5 to 16 minutes and the time required is about 15 minutes.
  • Disabled persons can use the free lift service for the disabled (032-741-3217).

Reserved parking lot

  • You may make a parking reservation at least 3 days and up to 1 month in advance via the Incheon Airport parking reservation system.
  • You may enter the parking lot 2 hours prior to the scheduled arrival time.
  • You may change your scheduled departure time up to 2 times even after you've entered the parking lot.
  • You may cancel your reservation up to 2 hours in advance. Your reservation will be automatically canceled if you do not arrive within 2 hours of your scheduled reservation.

    You will not be able to make any parking reservation for three months if you are marked as "No Show" twice within a year.

  • Large vehicles over 2.8 m are not eligible to make parking reservations.
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