Disabled and Elderly

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Transportation and parking

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Disability parking space

For your convenience, there are short-term disability parking areas near each airport counter.
There are disability parking area in the short-term parking lot (Level 1, Basement 1) and near the elevator and shuttle buses in the long-term parking lot.

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Disability standby area

There is a specially marked standby area for people with disability on the Passenger Terminal road (directly in front of Exit 3 and 7 and 12).

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Help-phone service

Pick up the receiver to be directly connected to the nearest Information Desk Hot Line.

Operating hours : 6:00 ~ 22:00

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Wheelchair lift service

We provide free transportation service for the convenience of disabled persons who have difficulty in moving from the long-term parking lot of Incheon International Airport to the passenger terminal.

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Valet parking service

Parking is made easy and safe with the airport-approved valet parking service(at a fee).

Compact cars, disabled licensed car, and veterans’ cars are eligible for a discount when using this service.

전동차 PICK UP 서비스

Metro Train Pickup Service

At Incheon International Airport, the metro train pickup service is available for the departing mobility handicapped who often find it inconvenient to move about.

To us : Request service before you arrive at the airport on the departing day through the Help Desk (1577-2600), information desk, or Help Phone service.

Service section :
Every entrance/exit on 3rd floor in the general area to the check-in counter
Every departure gate on the 3rd floor in the tax-free area to the boarding gate

Operating hours : 6:00 ~ 22:00

Separate pickup service is available from the check-in counter of the airline you use. The specific method to use the service may vary by airline, so please contact the airline beforehand.

Disabled-accessible taxi request service

Disabled passengers will receive a discount of 50% of the regular parking fee after checking the disability certificate through the manned booth at the parking lot exit.

Security check & Immigration process

Priority Lane

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  • In order to use Priority Lane at the Incheon Airport, vulnerable passengers (persons registered as disabled, minors under 7 years of age, seniors over 70 years of age, pregnant mothers, 3 companions included) will need to verify their status at the airline’s check-in counter and receive the “Priority Lane Card” to use the exclusive departure area entrance.
Priority service

Services within the airport

T1 Safe Travel Center for the Disabled

T1 장애인 안심여행센터 입구 사진
  • This facility caters to pedestrians with mobility impairments by providing airport navigation assistance, self-check-in options, wheelchair rental services, electric wheelchair charging stations, and electric shuttle services. Please make sure to bring your welfare card with you to confirm eligibility.

Special Assistance

교통약자서비스센터 입구 사진
  • Passengers with reduced mobility, such as pregnant women, children, and the disabled/elderly, can visit and receive special assistance, including shuttle cart services and wheelchair/stroller rentals.
Special Assistance

Easy Pickup (Baggage-Free Service)

배기지프리 만나는곳 안내 사진
  • We provide paid services for the Goodlugg staff to pick up your luggage from Incheon International Airport and deliver it right to your home or hotel in South Korea.
  • Eligibility: Passengers with disabilities and the mobility impaired (e.g. children under 6 and their guardians, pregnant women, those over 65, children under 13).
  • Directions: Make a reservation up to 3 hours before your flight via the Goodlugg app or goodlugg.com
  • Inquiries: KakaoTalk channel (ID: goodlugg)

Disabled-accessible bathrooms

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  • Each bathroom inside the Passenger Terminal has at least 1 disabled-accessible bathroom.
  • For the convenience of users, the disabled-accessible bathroom has a wide entrance, large interior space, automatic door operated by a button, alarm bell, and automatic flush toilets. We do our best to ensure that it is a safe and convenient place.

Wheelchair rental

휠체어 대여 서비스 관련 이미지
  • You can rent wheelchairs and strollers free of charge at any information desk within the airport.

Braille brochure

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  • Braille brochures are available at any information desk within the airport.

Text message Q&A service

Text your question or comment to Incheon Airport Help Desk (1577-2600) for a response.

Short texts under 80bytes accepted

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