Prohibited Items

The information on the website is for reference only. Please check with the corresponding airline/institution/facility for accuracy.


Toiletries (e.g. toothpaste, shampoo), cosmetic products and medical items in liquid, spray or gel form
  • Carried on Board불가능

    (Up to 1L sealable clear plastic zipper bag (20.5cm x 20.5cm / 15cm x 25cm) containing liquid in individual containers with the capacity of 100ml or less each allowed per passenger; no limit for passengers of domestic flights)

  • Checked bag가능

    (Non-flammable aerosols are limited to a total volume of up to 2 L (2 kg)—up to 500 ml (500 g) per container—according to the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.)

Food items that contain liquid, such as pepper paste and kimchi, and gel-type food items
  • Carried on Board불가능

    (Up to 1L sealable clear plastic zipper bag (20.5cm x 20.5cm / 15cm x 25cm) containing liquid in individual containers with the capacity of 100ml or less each allowed per passenger; no limit for passengers of domestic flights)

  • Checked bag가능

    (No restriction on amount)

Hazardous Items

Sharp objects
  • Carried on Board불가능
  • Checked bag가능

    (Exception: plastic knife, butter knife with a round edge, shaver with safety blade, electric shaver, and airline-use knives (provided by the airline) can be carried on board.

Taser, firearms, and other self-defense weapons
  • Carried on Board불가능
  • Checked bag가능

    (When checked with baggage, the airline must verify firearm license and other related documents, separate ammunition from firearm, and package them securely before shipping them off.)

    (Panoramic sight is allowed on board or in checked baggage)

Tools(hammer, wrench, etc.)
  • Carried on Board불가능
  • Checked bag가능

Hazardous items

Lithium batteries, etc.
  • Carried on Board가능

    - Portable battery under 100Wh : 5 per person
    - Portable battery over 100Wh, under 160Wh : 2 per person
    - Portable battery over 160Wh : Not allowed on board

    The above standard is based on Korean Air regulations. Check with your own airlines for accurate information.

  • Checked bag불가능
Inflammable gas/liquid, radioactive matter, etc.
  • Carried on Board불가능
  • Checked bag불가능

Prohibited items and guidelines

제한물품 및 제한요건안내표
Prohibited Items Details
Objects impeding the constitution, public security, or custom Objects such as book, photo, video tape, film, LD, CD, CD-ROM that impede the constitution, public security, or national customs
Objects leaking national secrets or intelligence  
Counterfeit or tampered currency, bill, check, bond, or other marketable securities Prohibited items will be confiscated, and after the Customs investigation, the possessor of prohibited items can be found guilty of criminal offense, punishable for violating the Customs Laws
Firearm, sword, explosives, and all other weaponry (decorative or active) and inflammable objects People wishing to export firearm or explosives must receive the approval each time from the Chief of the National Police Agency (Firearm, Sword, Explosive Control At Article 9)
Poppy, opium, cocaine and other drugs, psychotropic drugs, marijuana and other related products Must receive the approval of the Minister of Health and Welfare (Cannabis Control Act Article 4, Narcotics Act Article 6,Psychotropic Drug Control Act Article 3)
Wild animal and plants in danger of extinction and protected by Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), all products made using said animals or plants
  • Tiger, leopard, elephant, ostrich, hawk, owl, cobra, turtle, alligator, sturgeon, coral, orchid, cactus, aloe and their taxidermies, skin, ivory, handbag, wallet, accessory, and others
  • Animal oriental medicine including bear gall bladder and musk
  • Plants like elecampane, woodwardia, and tianma and plant oriental medicine or medical products made using these plants
Large transfers excluding 0,000 USD (exclude promissory note, bill of exchange, and bill of credit) in national currency (Won) and travelers check in national currency (Won) (transfer restricted items)  
Personal check, money order, etc. (transfer restricted items)  
Jewelry (excluding gold rings, necklace, etc. for daily use) and securities (transfer restricted items)  
Cultural heritage (transfer restricted items) : requires the transfer approval of the Head of the Cultural Heritage Agency or certificate of non-cultural heritage
  • Contact : Cultural Heritage Appraisal Room (Tel: 032-740-2921-2, Fax: 032-740-2920)
  • Location : Floor 3, Area 8, between Gate F and G
Fisheries Act, Fishery Product Transplant Approval Regulation Article 5 and applicable products in Article 6 (transfer restricted items)
  • Species designated as natural monument requiring protection as national fishery resources and in danger of depletion for cultivation
  • Product smaller than the designated length under Fishery Resource Protection Act Article 10 for species unique to our country or rare species (Must submit transplant approval from by the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries)
Products attaining to the regulation of waste transport and management between countries
(transfer restricted items)
Must submit the export report form by the President of the Harmful Chemical Management Association
Plant, fruits and vegetable, agricultural and forestry products
(transfer restricted items)
Must receive the plant inspection certificate from the Animal and Plant Quarantine Inspection Headquarters
(Plant Quarantine Law Article 11)

Items allowed to be carried on board

  • Liquid allowed if in containers under 100ml, all containers fit in one 1L clear bag, and the bag is completely sealed.
  • Only items from duty-free shops in "liquid item package exclusively for duty-free products" bags have no restriction to volume.
    (Must remain sealed until you board the plane to the final destination)
  • 액체, 젤류 등이 담긴 100㎖이하의 용기가 1ℓ이하의 투명 비닐봉투에 지퍼락이 잠길 정도로 적당량 담긴 경우
  • 용기에 담긴 액체, 젤류 등이 담긴 100㎖를 초과하면 반입이 불가능합니다.
  • 투명 비닐봉투가 1ℓ를 초과할시 반입 불가능합니다.

Handling of Abandoned Items

  • Prohibited items abandoned by passengers are regularly donated to social welfare organizations and managed in a transparent manner. You can check information regarding organizations receiving donations through quarterly airport announcements.
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