Permit of Conscription Candidates

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Reporting departure for conscripted persons

  • When a conscripted person want to travel abroad, he must receive the travel approval from the Military Manpower Administration and on the day of departure, submit the certificate of approval at the immigration desk of Ministry of Justice.
  • Please refer to the Military Manpower Administration website for more information.

Persons required to report

  • Anyone over 25 years of age who has been conscripted but has yet to fulfill military duty (includes permanent residents, those who postponed service, and those exempt from duty)
  • Anyone who has not completed their mandatory service as the public service worker, public health care provider, conscripted military doctor, international cooperation agent/doctor, public service judge advocate, specialist research agent/industry analysis agent regardless of age

Required documents

  • Passport and international travel approval certificate

Note on reporting departure

  • You must have 「International Travel Approval Certificate」 with you on the day of departure.
    • In the case of not having「International Travel Approval Certificate」, your departure could be delayed in order to check the status of your military leave and verify approval to travel.
  • Please double check the conditions of approval before the day of your departure.
    • In the case that the approved days of travel are different from your departure date, there might a delay or it might be impossible to reissue an approval with the updated date on the day of departure.

Place of Reporting departure for conscripted persons

Terminal 1

병무의무자 출국 신고 장소 이용시간, 연락처, 위치
Operating Hours 06:30~22:00 (year round)
Contact 032) 740-2500
Location Terminal 1 public accesible area Floor 3 near Counter G

Terminal 2

병무의무자 출국 신고 장소 이용시간, 연락처, 위치
Operating Hours 09:00~18:00 (year round)
Contact 032)740-2502
Location Terminal 2 public accesible area Floor 2 Comprehensive Government Administration Center Military Manpower Administration

Terminal 1

제1여객터미널 병무의무자 출국 신고 장소는 일반지역 3층 G 체크인카운터 부근입니다.

Terminal 2

제2여객터미널 병무의무자 출국 신고 장소는 일반지역 2층 중앙 부근입니다.

Related information

  • Contact number : Military Manpower Administration (1588-9090)
Military Manpower Administration

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