Regular boarding procedure

The information on the website is for reference only. Please check with the corresponding airline/institution/facility for accuracy.

Check-in procedure

  • 1. Visit check-in counter
  • 2. Receive boarding pass
  • 3. Drop baggage

Check-in counter operating hours

Korean Air
Opens at 5:30 a.m.
  • First Class / Prestige
    Terminal 2, Check-in Counter A
  • Morning Calm
    Terminal 2, Check-in Counter B
  • Economy Class / Web / Mobile
    Terminal 2, Check-in Counter C
Opens at 6:15 a.m.
Other airlines
Opens 2-3 hours before scheduled departure time

How to Locate Your Check-In Counter

Before Arrival at the Airport

Travelers can find their check-in counter by visiting the airport’s website flight information page , or by making a simple call to the airline.

After Arrival at the Airport

Find your check-in counter with the help of the Flight Information Display System (FIDS) on the departure level.

Carry-on Baggage

  • In general, all items except for those allowed onboard must be dropped at the check-in counter.
  • Please keep all fragile items and other valuables with you

Carry-on Bag

항공기 내 반입 가능 크기 수하물의 크기와 무게는 개당 55x40x20cm 3면의 합이 115cm이하로써 10Kg ~ 12Kg 까지입니다.

  • In order to operate the flight safely, there is a restriction on the size of all carry-on bags.
  • Each carry-on bag for economy seats should not be more than 55cm X 50cm X 20cm, (the three sides adding up to be 115cm or less), and weigh 10-12 kg.
    (Allow up to 21 inches for bags with wheels)
  • Each airlines applies different criteria for weight and dimensions; so please verify with your airline beforehand.

For details on prohibited carry-on items, please refer to the Transportation Safety Authority website.

Checked baggage (Check-in counter)

  • Do not take any baggages from or check bags for a stranger to prevent any accidents.
  • Do not put fragile items and other valuables such as laptop, cameras, jewelry, glass and antiques in the checked baggages.
  • Please mark your bags with your name, address, and destination in English to prevent loss of baggage.
  • In the case of items needing to be declared, you must visit the customs desk
  • For Passenger Terminal 1, wait about 5 minutes until your bag goes through an x-ray inspection. If everything is fine, proceed to departure area.
  • For Passenger Terminal 2, please proceed to an open inspection area as directed for an x-ray inspection of your bag.

Regular Baggage

일반석에 적용되는 수하물은 3면의 합이 158cm 이하로써 23kg 2개 까지입니다.

  • Baggages are checked in at check-in counters for each airline's.
  • The carry-on restrictions might vary depending on the airline, flight route, and seats, so please verify with your airline beforehand.

Oversized Baggage

대형 수하물은 45x90x70cm 3면의 합이 200cm 이상이거나 50kg 이상입니다.

  • Pay for oversized bags at your airline’s check-in counter, inspect bags at the customs desk located behind Counter D and J, and drop off the bags at the oversized baggage counter.
  • Oversized bag dimensions: over 50kg or larger than 45 cm X 90 cm X 70 cm.

Location of the oversized baggage counter

Terminal 1

제 1여객터미널 대형 수하물 카운터 지도 이미지

Terminal 2

제 2여객터미널 대형 수하물 카운터 지도 이미지

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