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Completing the customs declaration form

  • Travelers with items to declare should complete the customs declaration form and proceed to the "Items to Declare" section for customs clearance.
  • If you are traveling with your family, please fill out only one sheet per family.
  • Specify items to be declared on the Traveler Possession Declaration Form. Then fill out the traveler’s information and sign the form.
  • You can fill out the declaration form in the Arrival Hall. But please fill out the form in advance on the plane for expedited entry procedures.
  • If you have separately shipped items or unchecked baggage, include them when filling out the customs declaration form and get the customs officer's approval at the time of customs inspection.
  • If you wish to pay tax at a later time, make the request in person with the customs officer.
  • Mobile declaration : You can submit your customs declaration form and even pay customs duty via Korea Customs Service's app or website for a faster and convenient immigration process. GO

Traveler Declaration Form

휴대품 신고서 관련 이미지

Customs process

  1. Filling out the required forms & Entry
  2. Submit declaration form All passengers falsifying any information may be punishable according to the Customs Law.
  3. Passengers without items to declare Duty-free tunnel Might be subject to Customs inspection.
  4. HOME
  5. Passengers with items to declare / requiring further inspection Inspection tunnel Provide services such as future taxation and expedited inspection

Traveler restriction on duty-free items

여행자 휴대품 면세 범위, 반출입 금지물품(통관불과), 별도 면세 상품, 농림축산물(한약재) 면세범위 안내
Type Details Remarks
The limit on duty-free USD 800
Prohibited items
  • Objects such as book, photo, video tape, film, LD, CD, CD-ROM that impede the constitution, public security, or national customs.
  • Counterfeit or tampered currency, bill, check, bond, or other marketable securities-Objects leaking national secrets or intelligence.
  • Prohibited items will be confiscated, and after the Customs investigation, the possessor of prohibited items can be found guilty of criminal offense, punishable for violating the Customs Laws.
Special duty-free items
  • Liquor  : 2 bottles (2 L or less in total and under USD 400)
  • Cigarette  : 1 carton (200 pieces)
  • Perfume  : 100ml
  • Minor (under 19 years of age) are exempt from duty-free restriction.
Agricultural and livestock (oriental medicine) product duty-free restriction
  • Sesame oil, sesame, honey, bracken, deodeok  : each 5Kg
  • Beef  : 10kg
  • Ginseng (fresh, White, Red), sanghwang mushroom  : each 300g
  • Pine nuts 1kg
  • Deer antler 150g
  • Other oriental medicine  : 3Kg per type
  • Other items  : 5Kg per type
  • Less than 40 Kg per 1 person, price abroad must be under 100,000 KRW, and must meet the quarantine inspection guidelines (exception: oriental medicine limited to 10 types per 1 person)
  • In the case of one type of product exceeding the limit, the entire possession will be taxable. 

Benefits for self-reporting

  • Considering the traveler's purpose of visit, length of visit, amount and estimated value of the items, you will be allowed to quickly pass through without an inspection of the items if there is no specific concern regarding the items.
  • There will be an inspection of the items if there are prohibited or restricted items to determine whether or not they are allowed in.
  • Unless the reported value is extraordinarily low, the Customs officer will accept the reported value and only tax items that exceed the duty-free limit. It is possible to pay the tax at a later date if the Customs officer deems the personal identification information to be accurate.


  • Falsifying any information on the customs declaration form or not declaring appropriate items may be punishable (confiscation, fine, incarceration) according to the Customs Law.
  • Carrying in someone else’s possession at their request might be a criminal act. Be advised that in the care that the items are prohibited or violate the restrictions, you will be solely responsible for those items and that you will be punishable by law.
  • You may forego responsibility in the case when you are required to carry in someone else’s possession by clearly indicating this on the Traveler Possession Declaration Form or telling a Customs officer in person.

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    • T2 Traveler Customs Clearance Department 2 (+82 32-723-5119)
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