Quarantine Inspection

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Quarantining of Marine Products

  • Travelers carrying live fish, shellfish, and crustaceans, or frozen/refrigerated abalones, oysters, shrimp, etc., must check the appropriate boxes on the Traveler Declaration Form and submit all marine products for quarantine to the quarantine officer.
  • Items sensitive to infectious aquatic life diseases (includes 21 different kinds, e.g. white spot disease [WSD]) require the pertinent travelers to submit a Quarantine Certificate of Export Country issued by the country of export.

Those that fail to report marine life in possession shall be fined up to KRW 1 million.

Heated or dried marine products are not subject to quarantine.

Items Requiring Quarantine

Live marine life
(includes fish, shellfish, crustaceans, etc.)
Frozen/refrigerated abalones, oysters, and shrimp

Items Prohibited from Importation

Live marine life suspected of being used for cultivation
or designated quarantine products used for cultivation
(frys, spats, eggs, etc.)

How to declare

  1. Fill out the declaration form
    • Check the corresponding boxes on the Traveler Declaration Form
    • Fill out the Declaration for Import Aquatic Creature Quarantine for Hand-carried Baggages
  2. Report
    • Make an oral report to the officer in charge of aquatic creature quarantine

Visit the website of the Products Quality Management Service for the further details of fishery product inspection.

Related information

    • Fishery handcarry-importing quarantine
      (T1 : 032-740-2981 / T2 : 032-740-2975)
National Fishery Products Quality
Management Service

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