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Incheon airport guide

Terminal 1
인천공항 한 눈에 보기 제1여객터미널 안내도 – 장기주차장, 단기주차장, 출국장, 면세구역으로 이루어져 있으며 탑승동까지 IAT 5분 소요됩니다.
인천공항 한 눈에 보기 제1여객터미널 안내표 : 제1교통센터, 제1여객터미널로 구성
제1교통센터 제1여객터미널
일반구역 면세구역 탑승동
4F 전문식당가 라운지, 환승호텔, 환승편의시설, 면세품인도장, 푸드코트 항공사 라운지
3F 환전소, 부가세환급, 로밍, 보험, 택배, 편의점, 서점, 약국, 택시, 인천 시내버스

출발층(출국장) 탑승1-50 Gate

면세점, 환전소, 부가세환급, 로밍, 보험, 약국 탑승101-132 Gate
2F 항공사 사무실
1F 캡슐호텔 리무진버스, 로밍, 환전소, 포켓와이파이, 렌터카


B1 철도대합실, 단기주차장, 환전소, 푸드코트, 편의점 전문식당가, 환전소
Terminal 2
인천공항 한 눈에 보기 제2여객터미널 안내도 – 장기주차장, 단기주차장, 출국장, 면세구역으로 이루어져 있습니다.
인천공항 한 눈에 보기 제2여객터미널 안내표 : 제2교통센터, 제2여객터미널로 구성
제2교통센터 제2여객터미널
일반구역 면세구역
5F 인천공항 홍보전망대
4F 전문식당가, 항공사 사무실 라운지, 환승호텔, 환승편의시설, 면세품인도장, 푸드코트, 편의점
3F 환전소, 부가세환급, 로밍, 보험, 택배, 편의점, 서점, 약국

출발층(출국장)탑승230-270 Gate

면세점, 환전소, 부가세환급, 로밍, 보험, 서점, 약국
2F 정부종합행정센터, 상주기관 사무실
1F 택시, 인천시내버스, 환전소, 로밍, 포켓와이파이, 편의점, 꽃집


면세점, 환전소
B1 버스터미널, 철도대합실, 단기주차장, 렌터카, 푸드코트, 편의점, 캡슐호텔 전문식당가, 환전소, 약국, 헬스앤뷰티

Moving between terminals Method

You can use the free shuttle bus to get to the terminal quickly.

※ You may utilize the Airport Railroad to transfer between Terminals. (Time: 6 min, Fee: 900 KRW)

제1여객터미널에서 제2여객터미널 가는 방법
제1여객터미널승차장은 3층 중앙 8번 출구이며 배차간격은 약 10분, 운행시간은 05시~23시입니다. 제2여객터미널까지의 이동거리는 15km이고, 이동시간은 약 15분소요됩니다.
제2여객터미널에서 제1여객터미널 가는 방법
제2여객터미널승차장은 3층 중앙 4,5번 출구 사이이며 배차간격은 약 10분, 운행시간은 05시~23시입니다. 제1여객터미널까지의 이동거리는 18km이고, 이동시간은 약 18분소요됩니다.
제1여객터미널과 제2여객터미널에서 탑승동으로 가는 방법
제1여객터미널과 제2여객터미널의 셔틀트레인을 타고 탑승동으로 이동합니다.

Customer Center

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  • The Incheon International Airport Lost and Found is a facility that manages issues related to lost and found items in and around the airport, and it is currently managed by the "Incheon International Airport and Incheon International Airport Police Force".
  • Found items (IDs, Passports, Cellular Phones and Food items) are stored for the legally mandated period of 6 months, and 3 months for the finder to claim ownership, then turned over to the National Treasury or disposed of. Please note that all food and perishable items will be disposed of after 24 hours.
  • Foreign passports are stored for 1 month, then sent to each foreign embassy in Korea.

Passenger Terminal 1

Passenger Terminal 1자동출입국심사 등록센터 안내표
Hours of use 07:00~22:00(year round)
Contact Tel : 032-741-3110,3114
Fax : 032-741-3118
E-mail : lostnfound@biz.airport.kr
Location Passenger terminal 1, B1 floor Lost and Found Office

Passenger Terminal 2

Passenger Terminal 2 자동출입국심사 등록센터 안내표
Hours of use 07:00~22:00(year round)
Contact Tel: 032-741-8988,8989
Fax: 032-741-0531
E-mail : lostnfound2@biz.airport.kr
Location Passenger Terminal 2 General Area 2nd Floor Central Administration Central Administration Center Lost and Found Office

Claiming items

  • Typically, items must be claimed by the owner, and you must bring a photo ID and know the Lost and Found processing number for the specific item that you are claiming.
  • If you want to claim the item in a different way, please contact Lost & Found Office at Incheon Airport.


    Find an item (within Passenger Terminal)Item found in Passenger Terminals and Concourse, Transit Center (Public Area), Curbside and Parking Area
  • Lost and Found Manager will upload the lost item information on the website
  • Check the list of registered items to confirm lost item
  • Lost item not claimed within 6 months
  • Receive in person
  • Send a proxy recipient
  • liquidate / discard / surrender(Based on the Lost Items Act)
    Lose an item (within Passenger Terminal) Lost an item within International Airport(If you lose an item on board an aircraft, airport bus, or airport train, please inquire with the appropriate agency)
  • Customer reports the lost item to Lost and Found(online or by phone)
  • Check the Lost and Found items 3 times
  • Issue lost items report(for submission to the insurance company)
  • www.airport.kr Report lost items
  • www.lost112.go.kr Report lost cell phone

Responsible agencies for lost items

Responsible agencies for lost item management안내표
Related area Responsible agency Contact Go
  • Terminals and Concourse
  • Transportation center
  • Curbside and parking lot area
Terminal 1 Lost and Found Office 032-741-3110, 3114 Go Search Lost and Found items
Terminal 2 Lost and Found Office 032-741-8988, 8989
  • Items lost on board or issues related to checked baggage
Korean Air Lost and Found icnbaginfo@koreanair.com Go
Asiana Lost and Found 032-744-2205
Other Airlines 1577-2600
  • Within duty-free zone/departure gate/arrival hall

    * Tax-exempt found items will be handed over to the Incheon Airport Lost and Found Office.

Terminal 1 Customs Department 032-722-4422,4426 Go
Terminal 2 Customs Department 032-723-5122~26
  • Lost itmes on airport bus or railroad
Airport Limousine Service 032-743-7607
Call Limousine Service 02-2667-0386
Airport Train 032-745-7777 Go
Bus Terminal Lost and Found 1577-2600
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