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Real Time Data

Last Updated:2024.04.21 19:50:13
출차 정보 안내표 : 터미널, 구분, 서울방면, 인천방면, 경기방면, 모범택시, 대형택시 로 구성
Terminal Type Seoul-bound Incheon-bound Gyeonggi-bound Other Destinations First Class Taxi Oversized Taxi
Terminal 1 No. of available vehicles 123 31 19 - 22 15
Terminal 2 No. of available vehicles 44 12 6 18 0 7

Gyeonggi-bound : Restricted to Bucheon, Guangmyeong, Gimpo, Goyang, Other Destinations : Limited to Terminal 2

Using a taxi

  • There has been in increase incident of illegal solicitation by third party companies pretending to be taxis and charging unfairly,
    so customers using a taxis should proceed to the designated taxi stop to catch a taxi.
택시 이용 안내표 : 구분, 내용, 전화번호, 바로가기 로 구성
Type Description Tel. Number Website
Foreigner exclusive
(Incheon Airport – Seoul distance fare applies)
International Taxi 1644-2255 Go
SEOUL SMART 032-743-2357 Go
Disability-accessible Incheon Transit Corporation Disabled Reservation Taxi 1577-0320 Go
Seoul Facilities Corporation Disabled Reservation Taxi 1588-4388 Go

Fare and Stop

이용요금 및 승차장 번호 안내 표 : 구분, 기본요금(원), 승차장번호(제1 여객터미널, 제2 여객터미널), 비고 로 구성
Type Base Fare (KRW) Stop location Note
Terminal 1 Terminal 2
Regular Taxi Seoul: 4,800 5C, 6C, 6D 5C - 23:00 ~ 02:00 additional late-night charge 40%
- 22:00 ~ 23:00 additional late-night charge 20%
- 02:00 ~ 04:00 additional late-night charge 20%
Gyeonggi: 4,800 4D - 23:00 ~ 04:00 additional late-night charge 30%
Incheon: 4,800 3C, 3D - 23:00 ~ 02:00 additional late-night charge 40%
- 22:00 ~ 23:00 additional late-night charge 20%
- 02:00 ~ 04:00 additional late-night charge 20%
First-Class/Oversized Taxi(Up to 9 passengers) 7,000 7C/8C 5D - 22:00 ~ 04:00 additional late-night charge 20%
(※ Gyeonggi 23:00~04:00)
International Taxi
Standard Seoul's distance fare applies 4C 1C Taxis officially designated to provide foreign language service

Increase fare information

할증관련 안내 표 : 시계할증, 심야할증 으로 구성
Timed Fare Increase Incheon International Airport is a coalition business area for taxis operating in Seoul, Incheon, and Gyeonggi (restricted to Bucheon, Guangmyeong, Gimpo, Goyang), so passengers traveling to the 6 cities ((Seoul, Incheon, Goyang, Guangmyeong, Gimpo, Bucheon) will not be charged a timed fare, but those traveler to other destinations will be charged a timed fare.
※ Seoul, Gyeonggi(Bucheon, Gwangmyeong, Gimpo, Goyang) 20% / Inchoen 30%
(e.g.: You will be charged a timed fare if leaving from Incheon Airport to get to Paju.)
Late-night Surcharge There is a late-night surcharge when using a taxi between 22:00 and 04:00.(about 20%~40% in crease in fare)

Stop location

Terminal 1

제1 여객터미널 정차장 안내 이미지

Terminal 2

제2 여객터미널 정차장 안내 이미지
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