Manned Immigration

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Manned Immigration Information

  • The Manned Immigration is the process of being approved at the border and distinguishes between nationals and foreigners.
  • Foreigners (except for registered foreigners) must fill out the arrival card, and those who are eligible to register must visit the Immigrations Bureau within 90 days of entry to register.
  • Chinese group tourists with group visas do not need to fill out the arrival card (exception: youth travelling on school field trip)
  • There has been an increase of foreigners attempting to enter by forging a Korean passport. Please cooperate with the immigration officer’s questions and extensive screening even if it might feel like an inconvenience.
  • Please contact the Immigration Bureau for information on visas for foreigners. Immigration, Foreign Policy Headquarters

Exemption from filling out the arrival card.

  • Korean nationals and foreigners who plan to reside long-term (over 90 days) and have registered already with the Immigration Bureau do not need to fill out the arrival card.

Immigration Process

  1. 입국심사절차 관련 이미지
    step 01
    Foreigners who did not fill out the arrival card must fill out the arrival card before the Manned Immigration.

    (Korean nationals and registered foreigners exempt)

  2. 입국심사절차 관련 이미지
    step 02
    check whether you are in the correct line as the waiting areas for nationals and foreigners are separate.

    Nationals follow the blue line, foreigners follow the red line.

  3. 입국심사절차 관련 이미지
    step 03
    Step up to the desk when the gate opens.
  4. 입국심사절차 관련 이미지
    step 04
    Nationals present the passport and the foreigners present the passport and entry form to the immigration officer. Once the screening is over, proceed through the screening area.

    Foreigners over 17 years of age must scan their fingerprints and have their face photographed.

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